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Desi Melodies is proud to present an evocative display of storytelling, Jyoti Nooran’s powerful voice takes center stage in ‘Paon Ki Jutti,’ crafted by the poetic genius Jaani, with an enthralling composition by Bunny. The song features the acting talents of Shiv Panditt and Isha Malviya, under the directorial eye of Arvvindr S Khaira. Together, they vividly portray a woman’s struggle in a toxic relationship.

The chorus, “Me teri paaon ki juti na ki jab mann kare pehen li utar di,” acts as a haunting echo of subservience, where the protagonist likens herself to an object as dispensable and easily manipulated as footwear—worn and discarded at whim. Through his soul-stirring lyrics, Jaani conveys the bleakness of a young woman’s life mired in desolation. She voices her turmoil and the oppressive weight of a toxic relationship that binds her, stripping away her freedom to live as she desires. The sequence of events artfully illustrates her struggle, her yearning for liberty, and the harsh reality of her entrapment. The climax unfolds with an unexpected resolution, avoiding clichés, and provides a conclusion that not only surprises but also lingers with the audience, prompting profound reflection on the boundaries of love and control.

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Singer – Jyoti Nooran
Lyricist and Composer – Jaani 
Music Producer – Bunny
Director – Arvvindr S Khaira 
Mix and Mastering Engineer – Eric Pillai

DOP – Alpesh
Editor – Zipsi
Colorist – Onkar Singh
VFX – Gagan Matharoo
Creative Director/Video Supervisor – Amanninder Singh
Chief AD – Sukhman Sukhu
Line Producer – Rahul (R S Films)
Assistant Director – Satnam, Sunny
Choreographer – John
Steadicam Operator – Sandeep
Executive Producer – Rahul Sehal 
Production House – Metro Talkies
Production – R.S. Films & Productions
Production Manager – Shubham (Jaadu), Rohit Gaur
Production Assistants – Honey, Gulshan, Amir, Nitish, Gogi 
Makeup – Rajan Passi
Steadicam – Sandeep 
Camera Focus Puller – Krishna 
Jimmy Jib Operator – Gaurav (Jimmy Jib)
Choreographer – John 
Dancers’ Makeup – Romeo Makeover
Spot Team Manager – Sonu
Rajasthan Line Production – AM Films (Ayush Modi) 
Rajasthan Production Team – Manoj Bhati, Amit Sharma, Lochan Pareek
Art Director – Ritesh Kumar (Pinky)
Instagram Reel Promotions – Boss Music Production

Digital Distribution – Universal Music 
Producers – Arvindr Khaira, Jaani
Project Manager – Dilraj Nandha
Label Relations and Marketing Manager – Sidhantha Jain 

Label – Desi Melodies

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